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Whitewater Valley's Conflict Resolution Program
Throughout the school year we work hard to promote a positive school environment. Our staff and students demonstrate their knowledge of our monthly "words of character" by doing good deeds and working through conflict resolution strategies. In grades K-3 students will be learning how to resolve conflict by following the S.O.S strategy. In grades 4-6 students will be learning how to resolve conflict by following the "ABCDE Ground Rules".
We use a program to reinforce our words of character and promote a positive school environment. It is the called the "Bucket Fillers." This is similar to our good deed bricks we have done in the past.
We continue to build our program through new ideas and programs. Parental suggestions and ideas are greatly appreciated.
Words of Character
Each month a word of character is introduced through our weekly student news broadcast. Faculty and students promote positive reinforcement of the word of character through classroom activities.
Aug./Sept.- Friendship
October- Trustworthiness
November- Respect/Diversity
December- Responsibility
January- Fairness
February- Caring/Kindness
March- Citizenship
April- Choices
May- Effort/Overcoming Obstacles
S.O.S. Strategy
Story-what happened
Options-brainstorm ways to solve problem
Solution-choose a solution you both feel good about and is safe/fair
ABCDE Ground Rules
When conflicts arise, it can be hard to determine the right steps to resolve the situation where everyone is in agreement. At Whitewater Valley, we are teaching students the ABC's in conflict resolution.
A- Agree on ground rules
A- Ask each person (What happened?, How do you feel?)
B- Brainstorm possible solutions
C- Choose the best solution that you both agree on
D- Do it
E- Evaluate
Bucket Fillers
In grades K-3 when students do good deeds they will get to put their name on a heart or star and drop it in their classroom bucket. Each week names will be drawn and students can win prizes. In grades 4-6 when students do good deeds they will get a ticket to drop in the bucket. A goal will be set on how many tickets can be accumulated by the end of the quarter to earn an award assembly.
"Bucket fillers" are those who help without being asked, give hugs and compliments and generally spread their love and good feelings to others.
"Bucket dippers" rob us of happy feelings by refusing to help with a task or by saying or doing cruel things.
Based on the book Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud
Have You Filled a Bucket Today?